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© 2018 by Benjamin McNeill


 Oni Hidden Mist

Oni Hidden mist is a slow pace stealth game made in unity. I programmed the A.I and created the level design you see above. This allowed me to deal with my two favorite topics A.I and level design. I programmed the A.I to work on a node system that could be rotated so make sure the enemy faced the direction the designer wanted this gave opportunities to the designer which in turn gives opportunities to the player. Working on Oni was great and has increased my knowledge of soft skills and technical skills while working in a team of 7.

Across Kingdoms

Across Kingdoms was a student project that I and 2 friends built in 6 weeks I handled the A.I, level design and UI design, While my friends programmed the UI and worked on polish like explosive barrels or extra things to shoot. This project was a solid build that with a little more time could become a complete project ready for sale. With lots of kingdoms to visit and protect from the hordes of enemies some human, some monsters shoot them all before they rip down your gates and destroy the crystals that links the worlds.


Bounty was a game that I was contracted to create in 6 weeks for a game expo in USA I had to create a demo to show off the design and art/animations of the contractor. I loved working on this project it really tested me and what I could do this required A.I, U.I, gameplay programming, and even some art to fill in the cracks. Great to work with dinobyte softworks.


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Camera Effects

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Particle Effects

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